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2019 Federal Policy Recommendations




Over the last year, the federal government has taken Good intentions and well laid out strategies alone will important steps towards reducing poverty and the need for not be enough to meet Food Banks Canada’s vision of a food banks in Canada. [...] The federal government’s long-awaited release of To that end, implementing the following policy Opportunity for All: Canada’s First Poverty Reduction Strategy recommendations are essential if the federal government was welcomed by Food Banks Canada as a sign that the wants to meet the targets set forth in its poverty reduction federal government is serious in its intent to significantly strategy a [...] FOOD BANKS CANADA • 2019 FEDERAL POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS • 3 Support the Creation of Standardized, Affordable Early Learning and Childcare Across the Country Early learning and childcare, like affordable housing, is an investment in the well-being of Canadians that has real benefits for the country as a whole. [...] The links between social and economic policy in this area •. The strategy should outline affordability are clear: every $1 invested in early learning and care will benchmarks that each province must respect boost the economy in the long run by $2.40.ii to qualify for federal support and funding to effectively create national standards of quality and affordability for early learning and childcare i [...] Food Banks Canada had called on the government to enact these changes and we applaud this step in the right direction – One of the most striking trends in the food bank but more help is required for this segment of the network is the growth of single unattached population that has been ignored for far too long.


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