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A New Global Paradigm




The second examines the nature or motivation of the transnational progressive movement behind the Great Transformation, the climate rationale behind it, and the energy transition at its core. [...] Next to be considered are the groups involved – how they work and communicate, the role of media organizations in shaping the narrative and promoting panic and a sense of emergency, the goals and processes for a cultural shift and the youth movement. [...] The fifth section will first briefly examine the timeframe of the movement’s goals and objectives, and then explore the effect of the coronavirus on the goals and timing of the Great Transformation; and finally, the last section will offer conclusions and recommendations for an Alberta and industry response to these developments in light of a hostile federal government firmly committed to the prog [...] In order to implement new market organizations, new forms of global governance and new technologies, we firstly need to see a profound shift in attitudes and a new culture of participation.”8 A month later, the Worldwatch Institute, on behalf of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung and the Transatlantic Climate Policy Group produced the document, “Toward a Transatlantic Green New Deal: Tackling the Climate [...] Due to the Cold War terms like “socialism” and “communism” came to be discredited by association with the Soviet Union and its myriad abuses, therefore socialists first adopted the term “liberal”, then when that came to be a term of ill repute, gradually shifted to the term progressive, to the point that this is now the accepted term in contemporary discourse for those who embrace the Green New De