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Report on the 2019 By-Elections

30 Mar 2020

Under the Canada Elections Act, if one or more by-elections are held in a year, the Chief Electoral Officer must, within 90 days after the end of the year, produce a report that sets out “any matter or event that has arisen or occurred in connection with the administration of the Chief Electoral Officer’s office since the last report and that he or she considers should be brought to the attention [...] Election expenses limits Final election expenses limits are based on the number of names on the preliminary lists of electors or on the revised lists of electors, whichever is greater, and are established in accordance with the Canada Elections Act. [...] On election night, for Outremont, York–Simcoe and Burnaby South, there were 53,686 visits to the website to view the results of the by-elections and 58,206 visits the next day. [...] The preliminary lists are also used to produce the VICs, as a basis for the revised lists of electors (with elector information added during the revision period) and the official lists of electors (the lists used on election day). [...] In the by-elections of 2019, the currency of the preliminary lists was 93.1% in Outremont, 91.2% in York–Simcoe, 76.2% in Burnaby South and 85% in Nanaimo–Ladysmith.
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