April 2021 - Lessons Learned from the February 2021 Texas Power


April 2021 - Lessons Learned from the February 2021 Texas Power

12 Apr 2021

Considering the importance of the electricity sector and the increasing threats of climate change, there is an urgent need to develop resiliency in North American power systems in response to winter storms to safeguard security, quality of life, and economic activity. [...] As such, this article reflects on the shortcomings of the system resulting in the Texas power outage and possible recommendations for electric utilities to implement resiliency and reduce the impact of snowstorm-related power outages. [...] Cold weather is expected, however, and many electric utilities have plans to restore the system and minimize the impacts of power outages. [...] Furthermore, the average age of electricity infrastructure, including power plants and transmission and distribution lines in the U. [...] Measures outlined by the program include hardening the existing electricity infrastructure, updating design and construction standards, employing simulation and assessment tools to analyze and prepare mitigation plans, improving system response and recovery operation, and managing interdependencies between electricity and other critical infrastructure.


Kelsey Marklund

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