cover image: P o i n t - Caribbean Faces Economic Challenges After the Fifth Summit of the Americas


P o i n t - Caribbean Faces Economic Challenges After the Fifth Summit of the Americas

5 May 2009

If we wish to see progress held April 14-16, and involved the portant document of any Summit in the possibility of exercising our participation of approximately 250 as it incorporates the commitments rights while institutionalizing the people from a large number of the acquired by governments during the participation of CSOs in the Sum- countries in the Americas. [...] Finally, Regrettably, there are numerous regarding the draft version of the the topics and agenda of the Forum reasons for our disagreement with Declaration characterized the Civil drew very little on the previous par- the way the Forum was carried out. [...] Regarding the tation, which can be in- about important topics on the former, conversations in terpreted as the first step the Summit led to one toward a greater under- global agenda, the Summit of the few concrete de- standing between most cisions that were adopt- of the countries in the focused on the formal approval ed: the recapitalization region, especially given of a declaration that had been. [...] Despite the effort on signed agreement is a reiteration of feature the usual confrontations, it the part of the OAS to strengthen the borders established in the ini- is important to keep in mind differ- the participation of different actors tial Treaty of Peace, Friendship and ences and fault lines do exist, and (CSOs, youth, entrepreneurs, unions, Boundaries signed in 1938. [...] The Hemispheric Private Sector for ideological differences, the Fifth Noting that most countries of the Forum mirrors, in a very real sense, Summit of the Americas is remem- hemisphere, particularly the small the complexities of articulating the bered as nothing more than the pro- CARICOM and Central American positions of diverse countries and verbial “talk shop”.
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