Swedish daycare Part II: Weak parenting, big problems
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Swedish daycare Part II: Weak parenting, big problems

11 September 2015


Why? Is there a causal relationship between the negative outcomes and the introduction of public affordable daycare initiated 40 years ago? If so, there would be every reason to warn other nations contemplating the model until a more comprehensive understanding of the Swedish developments has been reached. [...] THE ISSUE THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED Why doesn't the Swedish government report or react to these facts? Given the public emotion that would likely be stirred up if the ubiquitous daycare scheme was truly questioned, the majority in Parliament has every interest in concealing the issues. [...] At the bottom of the issue is, of course, that once Swedish parents have accepted that putting their one-year-olds in daycare is the only real option, they do not want to hear that other choices could be better. [...] It is hard to explain the phenomenal cultural pressure in favour of daycare to a non-Swede, and even to a Swede who is not a parent. [...] Himmelstrand is the founder of his own institute, The Mireja Institute for welfare and development through family and on the board of Haro, a Swedish NGO empowering Parents and Promoting Gender Equality with the Child in Focus.

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