Dramathemes, 4th Edition : Classroom literacy that will excite, surprise, and stimulate learning
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Dramathemes, 4th Edition : Classroom literacy that will excite, surprise, and stimulate learning




I still hold the belief that literature can be the focus of and springboard for drama explorations and that themes provide a “hook” for the teacher in making connections to story and to students’ classmates. [...] Introduction •. a quotation from a respected and expert drama educator, offering a theory, statement, or inspiring comment •. a fragment from a Stephen Sondheim musical as a tribute to both the theatre world and a master wordsmith •. an overview of the chapter’s theme •. identification of the chapter’s featured source: that of the drama structure •. a listing of learning opportunities Games and Ac [...] Featured Source: The nursery rhyme “Hector Protector” Learning Opportunities •. To participate in games that can be used for getting acquainted and that develop a sense of belonging to a group •. To learn the names of others, the stories behind the names, and ways to present those names in dramatic contexts •. To practice the skills of interpretation and experiment with different ways to read rhym [...] The group echoes the name and the movement. [...] Five Claps, One Friend, Three Details This activity provides students with the chance to interview others, to share the information learned from the interview, and to present scripted lines according to a pattern.

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Table of Contents

Cover 1 Contents 4 An Overview 6 About This Resource 7 Acknowledgments 9 Chapter 1: Revealing Identity 10 Dramatheme — Connections 10 Games: Focus on Names 11 Drama Exploration: Choral Speaking 14 A Drama Structure: “Hector Protector” (Nursery Rhyme) 19 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Rhyme Connections 24 Recommended Sources: Ten Picture Books Centred on Names 25 Chapter 2: Planting Hope 27 Dramatheme — Sustainable Environments 27 Games: Focus on Still Images 28 Drama Exploration: Creating Tableaux 32 A Drama Structure: The Promise by Nicola Davies (Picture Book) 36 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Comprehension Strategies Linked to Drama Conventions 39 Recommended Sources: Ten Picture Books on a Planting Hope Theme 40 Chapter 3: Sparking Imagination 43 Dramatheme — Fantasy Worlds 43 Games: Focus on Creativity 44 Drama Exploration: Creating Art 47 A Drama Structure: The Judge by Harve Zemach (Poem) 52 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Oral and Written Communication 54 Recommended Sources: Ten Titles on a Fantasy Creature Theme 55 Chapter 4: Learning Lessons 57 Dramatheme — Animal Tales 57 Games: Focus on Movement 58 Drama Exploration: Movement Events 60 A Drama Structure: “The Lion and the Mouse” (Fable) 65 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Twelve Fable-Focused Events 68 Recommended Sources: Ten Fables 69 Chapter 5: Confronting Bullying 72 Dramatheme — Relationships 72 Games: Focus on Building Inclusion 73 Drama Exploration: Role Playing 74 A Drama Structure: The Shape of a Girl by Joan MacLeod (Script) 80 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Writing in Role 85 Recommended Sources: Focus on Bullying 86 Chapter 6: Recognizing Homelessness 89 Dramatheme — Community 89 Games: Focus on Personal Narrative 90 Drama Exploration: Storytelling in Role 91 A Drama Structure: Mr. Stink by David Walliams (Novel) 93 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Media 97 Recommended Sources: Focus on Poverty 98 Chapter 7: Moving On 100 Dramatheme — Immigrant Experience 100 Games: Focus on Communication 101 Drama Exploration: Interviewing 102 A Drama Structure: The Arrival by Shaun Tan (Graphic Novel) 105 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Writing in Role 110 Recommended Sources: Focus on the Immigrant Experience 111 Chapter 8: Accepting Others 115 Dramatheme — Belonging 115 Games: Focus on Embracing Diversity 116 Drama Exploration: Questioning 118 A Drama Structure: Wonder by R. J. Palacio (Novel) 121 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Novel Connections 126 Recommended Sources: Ten Novels Centred on Acceptance 127 Chapter 9: Posing Possibilities 129 Dramatheme — Journey to the Future 129 Games: Focus on Improv and Spontaneity 130 Drama Exploration: Mime Events 132 A Drama Structure: Art by Salvador Dali 135 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Creating Illustrations 137 Recommended Sources: Focus on Visual Images 139 Chapter 10: Staging Worlds 141 Dramatheme — Cultural Encounters 141 Games: Focus on Interpretation 142 Drama Exploration: Exploring Short Texts 143 A Drama Structure: Sultans of the Streets by Anusree Roy (Script) 147 Drama and Literacy Extensions: Working with Scripts 150 Recommended Sources: Ten Scripts for a Wider World 152 Recommended Resources 155 Index 156 A 156 B 156 C 156 D 156 E 157 F 157 G 157 H 157 I 157 J 158 L 158 M 158 N 158 O 159 P 159 Q 159 R 159 S 160 T 160 U 160 V 160 W 160