In the News, 3rd edition : The Practice of Media Relations in Canada
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In the News, 3rd edition : The Practice of Media Relations in Canada

9 April 2019



Now in its third edition, In the News is the standard Canadian textbook on media relations, used across the country and praised by media professionals and academics alike. The authors provide an introduction to media relations, grounded in both communications theory and hands-on, day-to-day experience. They take you behind the scenes, giving advice on how to write a successful press release, approach reporters, or navigate a difficult interview. Whether you need media to promote your issues to the nation or to reach small, targeted groups, this book is your step-by-step guide. In the News is perfect for communications students; media relations practitioners in the private, public, and voluntary sectors; and anyone who wants to break a story.

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Table of Contents

Front cover 1 Title page 4 Copyright page 5 Dedication 6 Contents 8 Preface 12 Acknowledgements 14 A Note on Resources 16 Introduction 18 I Theory and Principles on Media Relations 24 1 Why Media, Why News 26 Why Choose Media as a Means of Communications? 27 Advantages and Disadvantages of Media 30 Alternatives to Media 38 Case Study: 2010 Olympic Torch Relay Campaign 44 2 Basic Principles of Media Relations 50 Principle One 50 Principle Two 51 Principle Three 54 Principle Four 54 Principle Five 59 Philosophical Considerations 60 3 Professional Relations 64 Communicator and Journalist 64 Ethics 73 4 Basics of Media: Who They Are 80 Types of Media 80 Broadcast Media 81 Digital Media 85 Print Media 86 Forgotten Media 91 Media Options in a Mid-Sized Market 94 Summary 97 5 Basics of Media: How They Work 100 Who Are the Reporters in Canada? 101 How Do They Get Their Stories? 102 What Makes a Good Story? 106 How Do They Present the Story? 108 Reporting for Broadcast 112 Case Study: A Day in the Life of a Digital Editor 114 II The Practice of Media Relations 116 6 Getting Started 118 Proactive and Reactive Media Relations 118 Paid Versus Earned Media 123 Planning for a Media Event 123 Long-Term Planning 127 7 The First Steps 128 Situational Analysis 129 Basic Planning 131 Research 132 Policies and Procedures 137 Media Training 140 8 Approaching the Media 144 Media Drivers 144 The News Release 145 The Lede 148 Is It Time to Retire the Traditional News Release? 158 Video News Releases 159 9 Other Approaches to the Media 162 The News Conference 162 Technical Briefing/Backgrounder 169 The Scrum 170 Media Stunts 171 Media Events 173 Direct Contact 175 10 Do-It-Yourself Media 182 Op-eds 183 Letters to the Editor 184 Community Cable Programming 185 Advertorials 186 Ad Features 187 Media Sponsorships 188 Public Service Announcements 190 Community Billboards 192 Self-Publishing: The Newsletter 192 Self-Publishing: The Website 193 Blogs and Social Media 196 11 The Interview 198 Overview and Limitations 199 How Not to Do an Interview 201 How to Conduct an Interview 210 Attributes of a Good Interview 212 12 The Interview Continued 218 The Basic Answer Format 218 Basic Questions 220 Standard Question Formats 222 Unfair Questions 226 Fitting Questions to Format 228 Behaving in an Interview 233 The Telephone Interview 234 A Few Thoughts on the Media Interview 234 Done! 235 13 Evaluation and Revision 236 Evaluation 236 Measuring Achievement of Goals 241 Revise as Necessary 242 Case Study: Mccormick® Gourmet Super Spices 244 14 Special Media, Special Cases 248 Business Media 248 Government and Politics 251 Entertainment Media 255 Sports Media 257 Crisis Communications 258 Internet, Digital and Social Media 262 15 The Fine Art of Complaining About the Media 264 Complaining about Newspapers 268 Complaining about Broadcasters 270 Envoi 272 Further Reading 274 Notes 278 Bibliography 290 Index 294 About the Authors 304 Other Titles from University of Alberta Press 305