Mentoring Partnerships Pilot Project  - Final Report  May 2017
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Mentoring Partnerships Pilot Project - Final Report May 2017

17 January 2020


to conduct a study on the current skill requirements of BC CDPs to gain a better understanding of the current issues that the sector was facing, and to identify any particular needs that could be addressed by the Centre through its research activities.4 The study provided a profile of a sector that was in a state of transition largely due to the implementation of a new provincial employment servic. [...] Given the BCCDA’s leadership role in the sector, the working group members were in agreement that the Association was in the best position to deliver such a program as part of a research project with the CfEE as the evaluation partner. [...] Given the scale of the pilot as well as the limited resources available to BCCDA to connect mentors and mentees and guide them through the mentoring partnership, the team elected to develop a mentoring program that provided a structured, self-directed process to participants to establish partnerships, engage in mentorship activities, and assess their satisfaction with the relationship at specific. [...] It is not surprising, therefore, that their response rate of 56.3% (n=63) was higher than that of the Mentorship Group, at 48.0% (n=47).14 To increase the response rate to the survey, the CfEE research team sent multiple email reminders to participants and introduced random draws of gift cards to all participants who completed the survey.15 The impact of the pilot on the project’s key outcomes in. [...] In light of the transitions in the industry and the introduction of the EPBC model, the leadership team would like to provide opportunities for collaboration amongst industry professionals and share expertise in order to deliver services in a manner that can increase employment outcomes across the province.

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