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16 March 2018


Next step is to increase buy-in from across the organization (while senior staff has bought in, more training is needed at the front-line and managerial level) and currently working with BC WiN to develop this Key themes: need buy-in to transcend the resistance; lack of education; fear/misunderstanding; use of diversity and inclusion not only as a recruitment strategy, but also as a retention adva. [...] Developing training and supports for staff in leadership roles Page 3 of 7 WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES YOU LOOK FOR WHEN HIRING? To have a good understanding of what the individuals are looking for, in order to direct them in the right area within the organization (especially in companies with a lot of different opportunities) Personality - those who enjoy their job are the ones who are going to be. [...] come in with their job coach to see how interested they are in the job? LD: does a lot of work experience – a reimbursement at the end of the wages. [...] How do you support those who have mental health issues on the back end? To have a support in place (like Canadian Mental Health Association) to support employees Key themes for employers to focus on: recruitment, retention, training of staff COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS The intent of the event was to provide employers with an opportunity to communicate their needs and identify what would make it easi. [...] D&I training for staff at all levels Leadership training for managers Matching the right jobs to people in order to set them up for success Enabling people on the Autism spectrum to be themselves in the interview and on the job Communication between employment specialists and employers Establish standards and training for job coaches – to communicate effectively with businesses Greater.

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