cover image: 1 - Minutes - Physics and Astronomy Articulation - May 1 2020


1 - Minutes - Physics and Astronomy Articulation - May 1 2020

6 May 2020

While the college has not ruled out the possibility of resumption of face-to-face course delivery at some point in the summer, we have decided that the May-June courses will be delivered online-only and are expecting that the July-August courses will also likely be online-only. [...] 24 College of the Rockies Ben Tippett College of the Rockies Information added at the meeting College of the Rockies Physics Articulation Report May 2020 Ben Tippett.was hired in 2018. [...] However, the number of students interested in Physics 102 (electromagnetism) dropped substantially at the beginning of this year so that the Administration of the College decided not to offer the course in the spring semester 2020, and instead to go ahead with Phys 101 again. [...] The number of students enrolled at the College in recent years increased to almost 3500 so that the College has currently one (main) campus in Coquitlam and a new satellite one in Surrey. [...] The physics faculty were already planning revisions to the physics major to reduce the number of required courses and increase the number of elective courses.
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