A Woman’s Place:  Perspectives on Afghanistan’s Evolving Legal Framework
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A Woman’s Place:  Perspectives on Afghanistan’s Evolving Legal Framework

8 February 2011


To this end, four authors have reflected on a series of questions that are central themes of this book: the evolution of reforms in 20th century Afghanistan; the participation of civil society in the legislative process in the post-Taliban era; the marriage contract and registration of marriages; and the gap between the theoretical discourse and practice with regards to protecting the rights of wo. [...] In the first chapter, “Family Law in Afghanistan: Reflecting on the Past to Understand the Present and Prepare for the Future,” Cheshmak Farhoumand-Sims analyzes the societal context in which family law and the marriage contract were reformed throughout the 20th century, and the challenges for their implementation prior to 1979. [...] In “Reforming and Drafting Laws in the Post-Taliban Era: The Role of Coalitions,” Alexandra Gilbert presents an overview of the drafting and revision of the Shia6 Personal Status Law (SPSL), the Elimination of Violence Against Women Law (EVAW) and the Sunni7 Family Law (SFL). [...] The state shall adopt necessary measures to attain the physical and spiritual health of the family, especially of the child and mother, upbringing of children, as well as the elimination of related traditions contrary to the principles of the sacred religion of Islam. [...] • Increase participation in public consultations and access to debates in the Lower House66 The SPSL and EVAW processes reveal the extent of the lack of information about debates in the Lower House, and the status of discussions on legislation.

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