#8_Ieas Into Action_Psychological PLRs_Tips Sheet
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#8_Ieas Into Action_Psychological PLRs_Tips Sheet

26 October 2021


Refer to the “WHAT’S INSIDE” column on page 2 which lists four main parts: • Part A – The ‘Personal Leadership Resources (PLRs)’ section highlights the importance of the three categories of PLRs – cognitive, social, and psychological – in the effective enactment of the leadership practices of the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF). [...] One way to learn about the approaches suggested in the ten strategies is to try them out by applying them Exploring the Psychological PLRs to actual leadership situations. [...] This principal, • Try out one or more of the who is known to be a strong instructional leader, approaches listed on page 2 with admits that the site-based administrator aspects of the goal of finding possible solutions to the problem. [...] school studies the school’s performance in literacy and mathematics with a view to using the recently appointed Math coach to the best advantage. [...] Write Your Own Scenario: • What’s an event or issue you’re facing right now? Why is it a problem? • Who else is involved and how? What are their roles? • What are the circumstances that led to the problem? Try these approaches to test their effectiveness in using your psychological PLRs to bring about a possible solution to the problems in the scenarios.

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