April 20, 2019 - No. 143 CALENDAR OF EVENTS - Earth Day 2019
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April 20, 2019 - No. 143 CALENDAR OF EVENTS - Earth Day 2019

25 April 2019


Measures must be taken to overcome the destructive effects of climate change and end the pernicious practices of the monopolies and oligopolies such as fracking, clear cutting, detrimental mining methods, contamination of lakes and oceans, the privatization of water, fraudulent environmental assessments and the dispossession of the rightful holders of the land and all the other abuses which are in. [...] CPC(M-L) on this occasion specifically opposes the use of the serious issues of the 3 environment and the economy to justify expropriating the Indigenous peoples and going against the expressed desire of the people on projects such as the Trans Mountain Pipeline and the Coastal GasLink (CGL) pipeline construction, especially when these are done in the name of "national interest." This association. [...] The people must become the decision-makers and set the direction of the economy in a manner that protects the environment and affirms the right to be of the peoples of the entire world. [...] 11 The aim of the so-called right and left wings of the Canadian cartel party system is to use the political power of the so-called liberal democratic state institutions to put the assets of the country at the disposal of the international financial oligarchy and their oligopolies, which leave in their wake and even make worse the unresolved economic, social and environmental problems that concern. [...] The aim of the Liberal Party was and continues to be to render ineffective the worker's opposition to the anti-social offensive, the opposition of the indigenous peoples to the final elimination of their hereditary rights, the affirmation of the rights of women and children, the striving of the youth for a bright future and the people's claims for a healthy natural and social environment.

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