Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship 2018–2019 - Policy Recommendations
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Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship 2018–2019 - Policy Recommendations

3 April 2020


The TRC’s Calls to of teaching to be established and to normalize Action 13 to 17 address language and culture Indigenous language in a context that is (Truth and Reconciliation Commission of appropriate for the language and culture of Canada, 2015, p. [...] Federal and expand the working use of Inuktut as a funding applications and agreements must territorial language there needs to be a major be reviewed and changed to be accessible shift toward supporting and using Inuktut and to regular members of the public, and other Indigenous languages. [...] Firstly, the life of a frog who had been trapped in a storytelling connects us to others, to our past, deep hole by providing a board for the frog to our core guiding values and to our history to crawl out on, to be carried to the safety of and ancestors. [...] Through the duration of this program, mental health The Family Act of the C/TFN places the primary supports services, Elders and educators will responsibilities for the wellbeing of all family be available to assist the youth, as well as members, all community members upon work as a team with the youth demonstrating each person based on their relationships to what a healthy and collaborative commu. [...] The task: the Dehcho Dene, Treaty 11, which was to create obligations of peace Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and friendship between the Dehcho Dene and and Canada must harmonize their competing the Crown.4 Second, lessons from the success visions through nation-to-nation partnership and of Edéhzhíe, the first Indigenous protected area treaty federalism.

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