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22 December 2015


our goal is to provide you with an informed view of global and regional trends in employment, compensation and benefits The survey was completed in November 2015 and once closed, within the oil and gas industry, while identifying some of the the data were compiled and cleansed to eliminate spurious key industry factors and events that have influenced these samples and outliers. [...] Next we reviewed the data to ensure they reflected the realities The fall in the price of oil and the resulting impact on the of the local labour markets. [...] rebound in the oil price didn’t materialise, and according to many recent analyses and reports, it appears the industry is in We believe that by blending the survey’s quantitative data with for a rough ride in 2016, as the three leading export countries, our localised expertise, we produce the best and most Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran, continue to battle for market representative view of remuner. [...] For further compounding the weakening of the labour market, as example, the Golden Eagle and Peregrine fields in the North the consolidation process will lead to further redundancies in Sea went into production late 2014 and early 2015, but the short to medium-term. [...] recent study by McKinsey, even after taking into Although the layoffs and redundancies that have account the higher shipping costs to move LNG occurred in North America have been well The market in North America has been from the US to Asia, LNG supplies from green- publicised in the media, there still remains unpredictable over the last year and this is set to field projects in Australia are stil.

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