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Hydropower pressure on European - The story in numbers

21 Nov 2019

In Belgium, the river Lhomme experienced a 50-59% reduction in fish biomass in the 4 years after the start up of the hydropower plant. [...] Existing Under construction Planned 16 | Hydropower pressure on European rivers: The story in numbers As mentioned earlier in the Methodology section, the number of existing and planned small and micro hydropower plants is difficult to determine. [...] In Germany, although hydropower meets a lower share of the overall energy demand, most of the rivers in the South and centre of the country are densely covered by hydropower plants. [...] In Sweden, the density of hydropower plants is slightly lower than in Norway and the more gently sloped Finland has the smallest number of hydropower plants. [...] • Due to the extremely high number of hydropower plants in all size classes and the large degree of already used hydropower potential, the planning Recommendations of additional hydropower plants should be reconsidered.
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