REPORTABLE I  S C  I C /C O J  W P (C.) N. 314  2021  M L S                    …P V U  I  O.
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REPORTABLE I  S C  I C /C O J  W P (C.) N. 314  2021  M L S                    …P V U  I  O.

27 October 2021


That   all constitutional   interpretations   have   political consequences should not obliterate the fact that the decision   has   to   be   arrived   at   in   the   calm   and dispassionate   atmosphere   of   the   court   room,   that Judges   in   order   to   give   legitimacy   to   their   decision have   to  keep  aloof   from  the  din  and controversy  of politics   and   that   the. [...] Some of the Writ Petitioners before this Court allege to be direct   victims   of   the   Pegasus   attack,   while   others   are   Public Interest Litigants. They raise the issue of the inaction on the part of   the   Respondent Union   of   India   to   seriously   consider   the allegations   raised,   relating   to   the   purported   cyberattack   on citizens of this country. Additionally, t. [...] As   long   back   as   in   1890,   Samuel   Warren   and   Louis Brandeis   observed   in   their   celebrated   article   ‘The   Right   to Privacy’2:  “Recent   inventions   and   business   methods   call attention to the next step which must be taken for the protection   of   the   person,   and   for   securing   to   the individual what Judge Cooley calls the right “to be let alone.”…numer. [...]     We   now   have cellular   phones,   which   are   different   from   cordless phones,   which   are   different   from   what   we   used   to think of as phones.  We worry about e mail, voice mail, and junk mail.   And something with the perky name Clipper   Chip     developed   specifically   to   allow governmental   eavesdropping   on   coded   electronic communications – is apparently . [...]   849   of   2021   sought   an   interim   order   from   this   Court directing   the   Cabinet   Secretary   to   put   certain   facts   on   an affidavit. On the other hand, most of  the other senior counsel appearing   on   behalf   of   the   other   Writ   Petitioners   sought   an independent   investigation   or   inquiry   into   the   allegations pertaining to the use of Pegasus softwa.

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