No. 73 December 3, 2021 - IN THIS ISSUE - Philippines and Asia-Pacific
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No. 73 December 3, 2021 - IN THIS ISSUE - Philippines and Asia-Pacific

20 December 2021


while militarizing the relations between the Canadian people and the people of the Philippines. [...] war machine and also a participant in the subjugation of the peoples of the region, including of the Philippines. [...] The role of the Filipino patriotic forces in the Philippines and in Canada is decisive in the fight for peace, justice, democracy and national liberation in the Philippines, and an integral part of the important struggle of the Canadian people for an anti-war government in Canada which stands for relations with other nations and people based on peace, trade for mutual benefit and non-interference. [...] Speakers outlined the decades-long campaign of terror of the Israeli Zionist state against the Palestinian people including the ongoing theft of their lands and farms, the demolition of Palestinian homes, decimation of Palestinian livelihoods, and the imprisonment of more than 4,500 Palestinians. [...] Many drivers honked their horns and people walking by raised their fists, reflecting the widespread support in Canada for the just cause of the Palestinian people despite the disinformation by the Canadian state and the mass media to present the Palestinians as “terrorists” and other blatant lies to justify the criminal efforts to extinguish the historical struggle of the Palestinians for their bi.

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