cover image: Monitor Vol. 26, No. 5, January/February 2020


Monitor Vol. 26, No. 5, January/February 2020

23 Dec 2019

seven years as National and Betrayal in the Age of economist that writes about Secretary of OXFAM-Canada Discontent, was published inequality, electricity and The opinions expressed in the other economic policy issues Monitor are those of the authors and 18 years as a staff officer by Black Rose Books in late and do not necessarily reflect of the United Church of 2019. [...] Riel gathered together the leading According to the newspaper The On the front page, Bob Hackett and Richard men of Red River, including Ojibwa New Nation, Macdonald kept control Gruneau discussed the findings of their survey Chief Prince, the Métis, the Catholics so that he had a “field in which to feed of journalists on the external pressures on news and Protestants, the French and the and fatte. [...] This is important to point out because the UN adopted In 2030, I want to be able to point to Black Canadian the decade in large part to spur global action to improve institutions, structures and policies as legacy-building the well-being and outcomes of Black communities in the outcomes of the UN decade. [...] The report, and David’s Commission to investigate also highlights the work that analysis of the rental housing and for the provincial CLIMATE CHANGE community organizations crisis, featured in 1,500 government to regulate AND THE JUST TRANSITION across the country are doing news stories and was part of prices—as all maritime to help address inequality. [...] The government The CCPA continues to Many organizations across key issue during the federal subsequently mandated the be at the forefront of the election.
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