cover image: Goracinova et al_IntegratedMobility&UrbanTransit_IPL Working Paper_31Jan22 DO Edits


Goracinova et al_IntegratedMobility&UrbanTransit_IPL Working Paper_31Jan22 DO Edits

2 Feb 2022

In the enabling and hands off governance approaches, the relevance of public actors in the transit system may decline and some suggest this will have detrimental effects on the sustainability and affordability of transit in the future. [...] US In the US, actors at different levels of governance are all working to better understand the opportunities and challenges around the sharing, analysis and use of data collected as part of on- demand and shared mobility and autonomous vehicle services.4 At the same time, and similarly to the case of Canada, there are governance obstacles stemming from historical challenges determining the optima. [...] Helsinki’s integrated PT system has enabled the development of smartcard and mobile app ticketing system across the Helsinki 6 This trend has coincided with an increased focus on the local economic development benefits of public transit 7 The Ministry of Employment and the Economy oversees competitiveness and vehicle-related energy issues, the Ministry of Finance of taxation, the Ministry of the E. [...] However, courts dismissed the suit, underscoring the legal validity of both the MDS and the role the LA Department of Transportation and cities across the US play in managing the public right of way.17 Finland National At the national level, public sector actors in Finland recognized the need to broaden the scope of transport governance and pursue data-oriented planning as early as 2009 (Lajas & M. [...] This is especially the case in Ontario, where much of the investment in C/AVs has been led by the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (now the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network) funded by the Ontario government (i.e., the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creating and Trade and the Ministry of Transportation) and delivered in partnership with the Ontario Centre for Innovation (OCI) (Goracin.
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