cover image: Urban Evolution: A New Framework for Understanding City Growth and


Urban Evolution: A New Framework for Understanding City Growth and

1 Apr 2022

Industrial Engineering And Computer Science; Director, Urban Data Centre, School Of A multidisciplinary working group, established under the banner of the Cities Urban Genome Project (UGP), is renewing connections between the life and RESEARCHERS: physical sciences and the social sciences to decode the DNA of the city. [...] The team has developed a mathematical model and software that can track the formemes – or the urban genome – of a given area, enabling researchers to model what the area looks like today and how it looked in the past, and to test theories of how urban traits evolve over time. [...] Examining the evolution of the threshold can facilitate a deeper evolution of the front porch, please understanding of how the physical characteristics of communities and check out the Urban Genome blog neighbourhoods change as aspects of the social and economic life of post authored by Clara Bitter here. [...] Some other exciting upcoming projects for the UGP: • An ecological survey of the distribution of porches and other private-public thresholds in Toronto and Jerusalem; • A study of the international evolution of the creative placemaking model; • A study of the evolution of urban mapping platforms, particularly Open Street Maps; • A study of the post-covid evolution of music venues in Ontario; • A c. [...] What does building a “science of cities” involve? There is a very interesting and long history of dialogue between social sciences and biology that goes back to the foundation of urban sociology within the Chicago school of sociology and with the concept of human ecology.
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