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Criteria for the Clinical Use of

27 March 2022


483 Criteria for the clinical use of immune globulin, 1st edition: Background document v SCOPE OF THIS DOCUMENT This background document outlines the methods used to develop and update the Criteria for the Clinical Use of Immune Globulin, which was produced as part of the Prairie Collaborative Immune Globulin Utilization Management Framework project. [...] A flow diagram of the development process for the Prairie Collaborative CPG 2nd Edition, and an outline of the roles and activities of each of the committees are provided in Appendix B. [...] The work must be attributed in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests the author or licensor endorse the user or use of the work). [...] The purpose of updating the Prairie Collaborative CPG is to help clinicians in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan make evidence-informed decisions about the appropriate use of IG, and to increase accountability for the quality, safety, and sustainability of the provincial blood product supply systems. [...] The evidence tables included guideline profile information (title, country, and condition), the recommendations, and a list of the number and types of studies referenced by the guideline to support its recommendations as well the grades assigned by the seed guidelines for the strengths of the recommendations.