cover image: THE FUTURE OF MONEY  - Innovation, Regulation, and Trust in Open Banking and


THE FUTURE OF MONEY - Innovation, Regulation, and Trust in Open Banking and

6 May 2022

highlights the implications of each Innovations like open banking and digital innovation for individuals, organizations, currencies have the potential to generate and the economy and society more benefits for consumers and improve the broadly; competitiveness of Canada’s financial sector. [...] At the same time, these innovations generate articulates key questions & considerations risks for consumer privacy and data security, that FOM2022 participants and other financial inclusion and equity, the stability of stakeholders ought to discuss; and the financial system, and the ability of governments to manage the economy. [...] The aim of this discussion paper is to lay out the stakes THE FUTURE OF MONEY EVENT and the possible directions relevant actors and institutions could take to shape the future On May 19, 2022, the Munk School of Global of open banking and digital currencies in Affairs & Public Policy at the University of Canada. [...] It requires crypto firms and exchanges to keep records about transactions – including amounts and parties 33 PART FIVE The Future of the Future of Money V – CONCLUSION: THE FUTURE OF THE FUTURE OF MONEY Editor's The shape of the future of money in Canada This policy paper outlines key benefits and will depend on the decisions and actions of risks of open banking and digNital cuorrencites e governm. [...] Open banking and digital event – and other interested Canadians – with currencies promise a range of benefits to a foundation for discussion about what can consumers and could contribute to innovation and should be done to find the right and economic growth.


Gillian Mathurin

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