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23 April 2022


Nuclear energy is undoubtedly one of the most EQPUGSWGPVKCN KPXGPVKQPUQHOQFGTPJKUVQT[9JKNG VJG VGEJPQNQI[JCUFGXGNQRGF UKIPKƂECPVN[ UKPEG VJG oUYGCTGUVKNNNGCTPKPIQPYC[UVQOCMGVJGVGEJPQNQI[OQTGGHƂEKGPVCPFNGUUFCPIGTQWU6JKUDTKGH YKNNDGDTQMGPFQYPCUHQNNQYUƂTUVN[KVYKNNIQQXGTVJGHWPEVKQPCNKVKGUQHPWENGCTRQYGTRNCPVUCPFGEQPQO- ics of nuclear plants, followed by the state of nuclear energy around the world, fol. [...] Capital %QUVQHUKVGRTGRCTCVKQPEQPUVTWEVKQPOCPWHCEVWTGEQOOKUUKQPKPICPFƂPCPEKPICPWENGCTRQYGTRNCPV Plant Operating Costs Costs of fuel, operation, and maintenance (O&M), and a provision for funding the costs of decommissioning the plant and treating and disposing of used fuel and wastes External Costs Costs that will be put on society from the operation. [...] However, after the Russian invasion and fol- lowing the shelling of the Zaporizhzhia plant, the Ukrainian energy grid currently runs on an “island mode” (disconnected from any electrical grids outside of Ukraine), as the war threatens to cut vi- tal connections between Ukraine’s nuclear plants and the overall electric grid. [...] Currently, China is well on track to surpass the United States (US) as the world’s biggest producer of nuclear power by the middle of VJKUFGECFG UGGITCRJDGNQY1PGOCLQTCFXCPVCIG%JKPCJCUKPVJKUUGPUGKUVJGUKIPKƂECPVN[NQYGTEQUVU QHRTQFWEVKQP9JKNGVJGGZCEVƂIWTGTGOCKPUCUGETGV$NQQODGTI0'(CPFVJG9QTNF0WENGCT#UUQEKCVKQP estimate %JKPCECPDWKNFRNCPVUHQTCDQWVMKNQYCVV, which is about 30% of the cost of proj- GEVUKP. [...] Elsewhere around the world, the US has spent the better part of the last year reviving the dormant Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, which would see Iran eliminate and cut down on its stockpiles of both medium and low enriched uranium respectively in exchange for lifted economic sanctions, curbing their path to a nuclear weapon.

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