Feeling Electric: Economics of the Lithium Boom (2022-5)
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Feeling Electric: Economics of the Lithium Boom (2022-5)

23 April 2022


Price of lithium will remain high for the foreseeable future • Boom in EV demand is one of the main culprits of the boom in lithium demand in recent years. [...] Sol- used in the production of synthetic plastics and as a id-state batteries could deliver up to twice the en- ÃV>Ûi}iÀiÌ>ÌÀiÛi«ÕÀÌiÃÌiÀiwi- ergy density, and therefore deliver up to twice the ment of other metals such as iron, nickel, zinc and range of current EV batteries with the same size and their alloys. [...] to expand into Latin America and Africa – acquir- ing the rights to the Arcadia mine in Zimbabwe for Much of the lithium deposits around the $422 million USD. [...] na’s “Belt and Road Initiative’’, opening Beijing up to one of the highest concentrations of lithium in the world – the “Lithium Triangle”, home to 56% of the world’s lithium deposits. [...] To the north, Bolivia, home to 21 million tonnes of lithium resources, which is roughly 25% of the world’s supply of the precious metal, recently underwent a military coup that deposed President Evo Morales, leaving the future of the Salar de Uyuni Ã>Ìy>ÌÃ]iv ÌiÜÀ`½Ã >À}iÃÌÜ ÌÕ deposits in question.

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