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First Canadian Women-only Virtual - Business Mission to India — La première mission commerciale virtuelle

7 March 2022


I hope that the mission’s two days of policy production, and business services, is an ideal and business discussions will be fruitful, leading partner for Canadian women-owned and -led to agreements and collaborations that will benefit businesses and this mission is a testament to the both our economies and societies. [...] Home to nearly one sixth of the world’s dedicated a great deal of time for this mission, fifth gender-based business mission to the Asia population and with one of the largest GDPs in and to thank our numerous public and private Pacific region. [...] in a series of missions to Asia to be organized by solutions, agri-tech, bioscience, biotechnology, and the Foundation under the leadership of Christine digital health and seeks to facilitate connections Nakamura, Vice-President of our Toronto and grow cooperation opportunities for Canadian Office, and the fourth mission supported by the women-owned and -led firms in these sectors. [...] the nearly 18,000 unelectrified villages in some of the remotest and most inaccessible parts of India, the country’s most comprehensive power sector Her years working for the Ontario Public Service, Ryerson University, and reform, the world’s largest renewable energy expansion program, and the the Ontario Ministry of Education led to her being recognized as one of world’s largest LED light bulb di. [...] Ilse Treurnicht works at the intersections of science and technology, Upasana Taku is the Chairperson of the Board, Executive Director, Co-Founder entrepreneurship and business, investment and public policy - fostering and COO of the MobiKwik Group.