cover image: SCHOOL OF CITIES STRATEGIC PLAN 2021-2026



11 May 2022

Under four faculty leads and a While coping with the challenges of recovering from both the growing staff, the first three years of the School saw a flurry pandemic and recurring natural disasters, the globe also of activity in research, education, and outreach. [...] The School of Cities must develop a model for innovation that combines the multidisciplinary expertise of the university with the lived experience of communities in order to build and mobilize urban knowledge and craft evidence-based urban policy. [...] The School Working with the public sector, we will disrupt of Cities will convene and connect U of T conventional, siloed approaches to governance researchers and students to communities in the and service delivery that impede effectiveness GTHA and around the world. [...] Faculty in public expertise across its divisions and campuses, the University of health, sociology, environmental psychology, and the arts are Toronto and its School of Cities are poised to lead the national delving into how place attachment affects the adaptive and international conversation about how best to adapt to capacity of communities in the face of climate change, the climate change while. [...] Chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, this Council includes representatives from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, COUNCIL Landscape, and Design, the Rotman School OF DEANS of Management, the Faculty of Information, the Faculty of Music, the U of T Mississauga, the U of T Scarborough, the Division of the Vice-President & Provost,.
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