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Education Program Lead June 2022 - Organizational Overview Job Summary

14 June 2022


We focus on strengths and create opportunities to lift the capacity of our members, participants, and clients to be successful in their vision and mission and build networks of generative leaders to support the well-being of communities across the province. [...] • Identify emerging trends in the areas of governance, leadership, management and organizational capacity building through collaborating with client leads and sector development team and conducting not-for-profit market research to identify priorities for new education programs and opportunities to streamline programs. [...] • Provide ongoing training and support to knowledge philanthropists and Staff team to enhance content knowledge and facilitation skills, primarily through regular Community of Practice events and as part of knowledge philanthropist onboarding processes, where appropriate. [...] Qualifications and Competencies • Experience and knowledge of the not-for-profit environment, as an employee or volunteer; • Knowledge of not-for-profit organizational capacity, including governance, leadership and management; • Understanding of adult learning theory and universal design for learning; • Depth of experience in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), such as formal training, relevan. [...] • Experience in instructional design of both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities, including designing and implementing highly engaging and interactive online materials and assessments; • Familiarity with gamification, simulations, case studies, and scenario-based learning is an asset; • Personal commitment to ongoing learning and delivering work with excellence; • Strong team build.