LCO Final Report - Accountable AI
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LCO Final Report - Accountable AI

14 June 2022


The LCO’s analysis is informed by legal analysis; multi-disciplinary research; contemporary social, demographic and economic conditions; and the impact of technology. [...] The project brings together policymakers, legal professionals, technologists, NGOs and community members to discuss the impact of AI and algorithms on access to justice, human rights and due process. [...] The LCO’s current AI initiatives include Accountable AI, AI and Human Rights (with the Ontario and Canada Human Rights Commissions) and AI in the Criminal Justice System. [...] Law Commission of Ontario Reports Indigenous Legal Issues in the Last Stages of Life (Forthcoming 2022) Comparing European and Canadian AI Regulation (November 2021) Legal Issues in the Last Stages of Life (October 2021) Regulating AI: Critical Issues and Choices (April 2021) The Rise and Fall of AI and Algorithms in American Criminal Justice: Lessons for Canada (October 2020) Defamation Law in th. [...] Teresa Scassa  Professor of Law, University of Ottawa Julia Stoyanovich Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, New York University Christiaan van Veen Director, Digital Welfare State and Human Rights Project, NYU School of Law Disclaimer The opinions or points of view expressed in the LCO’s research, findings and recommendations do not necessarily represent the views of the LCO’s.

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