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EVERY TWO HOURS - A Special Report on Children and Youth Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence in Manitoba

16 June 2022


This while currently expected to be the primary system special report followed the group of 671 Manitoba responding to incidents of IPV, is not the system best children exposed to intimate partner violence during placed to respond to the needs of children and families the month of April 2019 to understand their contact experiencing IPV. [...] The Government of Canada and Government of • To ensure children have access to the highest Manitoba have acknowledged that all children have attainable standard of health care (Article 24) rights and assumed responsibility for the protection and fulfillment of these rights by ratifying the United • To ensure children who have experienced Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). [...] What is the Government of Manitoba’s legal and service response to children exposed to intimate partner violence? How can the provincial government meet its obligations to children exposed to IPV under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child? InTROduCTIOn MANITOBA ADVOCATE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH 16 Purpose Children and youth in Manitoba have the right to be protected from physical. [...] We believe the snapshot of children exposed to IPV in the month of April 2019 will serve as a useful tool to help us understand the extent of the problem and bring us closer to both narrowing service gaps in Manitoba and preventing harm to children and youth in Manitoba. [...] community, service providers, the Elders Council, and public bodies were held to discuss and review Community organizations, service providers, findings and recommendations to increase the and public bodies were asked about policies and effectiveness and responsiveness of designated procedures, the types of services available to services for children and youth exposed to IPV in children exposed to.