Laboratory Services Offered by the IRSST  - PRICE LIST
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Laboratory Services Offered by the IRSST - PRICE LIST

19 September 2022


Page 1 of 52 Laboratory Services Offered by the IRSST September 2022 POLICY ON THE USE OF THE LABORATORY SERVICES OFFERED BY THE IRSST Cost The cost of the sampling equipment is included in the costs of analysis. [...] Terms of payment The client agrees to pay the IRSST for the costs of service within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. [...] Using the following methods: • Cheque payable to the IRSST • Bank transfer: Banking information is on the invoice • For payments by bank transfer, please email the payment slip to Sampling equipment Except for toxicological analyses, the client agrees to use only the sampling equipment supplied by the IRSST, according to the Sampling Guide for Air Contaminants in the W. [...] 2) The costs of repair, cleaning or replacement made necessary following the use of the instrument are assumed in whole by the client. [...] • The electrical tests stipulated by IEC 61672-3 (2006-10) allow minimum verifications of the following characteristics of a noise measuring instrument: time and frequency weightings, linear operating range, self-generated electrical and acoustical noise, precision of the peak detector, precision of the exposure level calculations, response of the noise measuring instrument to signals of different.

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