2021 – 2022 - ANNUAL REPORT - School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
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2021 – 2022 - ANNUAL REPORT - School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

18 August 2022


These right to a healthy environment, the dangers of were key to engaging with the wider UBC and disinformation online, and the impact of China’s Vancouver communities, and with the ongoing use trade policies on global development. [...] Gusterson is with Political Science, he is no stranger to jointly appointed with SPPGA and Anthropology SPPGA as former Acting Director of the school and specializes in the interdisciplinary study of and former Director of the Centre for the Study the conditions under which particular bodies of of Democratic Institutions. [...] Sumaila’s research, the importance and impact of his work, and his commitment to promoting the outcomes of his research to the public and policymakers have merited his winning the 2021 Impact Award. [...] Persevering through setbacks and a “The RN-WPS Youth Advisory Board had temporary return to virtual learning, the the opportunity to host a panel discussion to team impressed their coach and the judges highlight the importance of youth inclusion with their strategic and creative thinking in the field of WPS. [...] Policy in Practice: Q&A with After the Verdict: Dominic Ongwen & The Honourable David Eby the Many Sides of Justice MPPGA students Moysal Sana and Joshua Codd Hosted by the Transitional Justice Project, in were discussants in a virtual Q&A event with the collaboration with the Transformative Memory Honourable David Eby, Attorney General and Project at UBC and the Justice and Reconciliation Ministe.

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