cover image: The Community Voices Project:  A study into what residents value


The Community Voices Project: A study into what residents value

28 Sep 2022

Community Voices Research team 3 In a partnership between the School of Cities and the Wellesley Institute, researchers in Toronto are investigating the local priorities Map of Community Voices study areas 5 of Toronto’s inner suburban neighbourhoods in hopes of developing insights about how to address the unequal treatment of these Policy Recommendations for Inner 6 neighbourhoods in political de. [...] Upcoming for the Community Voices team: Following publication of the Community Voices report, the project team plans to continue to disseminate the results to policymakers in a wide variety of venues into the future. [...] The team may also replicate the study in Learn more about the the future in downtown Toronto to enable comparative analysis to be completed between the downtown and Community Voices Project here. [...] City Research Insights: The Community Voices Project About the School of Cities 12 The School of Cities is a solutions incubator for urban-focused researchers, educators, students, practitioners, and the general public to explore and address the complex global challenges facing. [...] About City Research Insights Community Voices: A study into what residents value in Toronto’s inner suburbs is the first issue in the second volume of the City Research Insights series, designed to link the urban research being conducted at the University of Toronto with the public, other institutions, and decision-makers.
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