DR-26 FNs Priorities to Guide the Crowns Implementation of the UNDRIP
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DR-26 FNs Priorities to Guide the Crowns Implementation of the UNDRIP

28 June 2022


Article 37 (1): Indigenous peoples have the right to the recognition, observance and enforcement of treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements concluded with States or their successors and to have States honour and respect such treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements. [...] Remind the Crown, in all of its forms whether federal, provincial or territorial, that the unilateral imposition of provincial and territorial boundaries on First Nations requires the Crown, in all of its forms, to ensure its differing laws, policies and practices that impact First Nations are consistent with the UN Declaration. [...] Direct the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) to establish an ad-hoc National Expert Panel on the United Nation Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Act National Action Plan to support research and analysis for First Nations interested in contributing to the National Action Plan creation and implementation over the next two years. [...] Direct the National Expert Panel once convened to undertake an analysis on the purported “cede, release, surrender and yield” provision in the text of Treaties #1-11 for their consistency with the UN Declaration and to present this analysis back to the First Nations-in-Assembly for their consideration as soon as practicable. [...] Direct the AFN to continue international advocacy on behalf of First Nations by advocating for the repeal of States and other internationally influential body’s doctrines, laws, and policies that are inconsistent with the UN Declaration; specifically advocating to the Catholic Papacy to formally rescind the Doctrine of Discovery during their visit to Canada and to advocate to the Catholic Papacy a.

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