cover image: Africa Synthesis Report: - COALITION AGAINST THE MINING PANDEMIC - Africa Synthesis Report:


Africa Synthesis Report: - COALITION AGAINST THE MINING PANDEMIC - Africa Synthesis Report:

20 May 2022

This threatens the increased poverty while richer households and nations lives and livelihoods of mining-affected communities have begun to recover; the world’s poor and working and the burden to survive is shouldered by gendered class continue to absorb its impacts.1 The Covid-19 labour.3 pandemic highlights the relationship between the failures and contradictions of capitalism and the global The. [...] The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to unfold reflects the rhythm of existing patterns of has brought to the fore questions that have affected exploitation, placing at the centre of its destructive the majority of people on the continent since the path the world’s already vulnerable people.2 independence period. [...] TCL in collaboration ing surveying of the land, there were attempts to with state-associated actors used Covid-19 to repress bribe and intimidate the Chairperson of the local community protests against the acquisition of land community council to consent to the sale of the land for the clinker plant using the curfew imposed by the to TCL. [...] The curfew and the banning of gatherings provided an In the sites studied by AFREWATCH, there were strikes excuse to stop the meetings of the Local Mining and uprisings in several mining sites in the DRC, Development Committee. [...] The people.25 In Africa, the average rate of temperature scarcity of fish in the Cavally River has further contrib- increases across the continent is higher than the uted to higher levels of food insecurity global average with 2020 ranked between the 3rd and 8th hottest year recorded and the continent The study from Uganda revealed that after the survey- facing higher rates of deglaciation than ot.
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