cover image: INVESTMENT MONITOR 2022 - Critical Minerals


INVESTMENT MONITOR 2022 - Critical Minerals

22 Dec 2022

Canada currently produces 21 of the 31 minerals that the federal government has identified as “critical” (Table 1) and has the potential to develop critical minerals that are not currently mined in Canada by developing some of its reserves.13 For example, the Northwest Territories has 23 of the 31 critical materials on the federal list and may be the first region in Canada to develop a rare earth. [...] The government of the Northwest Territories is currently developing an action plan to guide investment in critical minerals with a particular focus on exploring and developing critical minerals located in the territories.37 INVESTMENT MONITOR | 29 CANADIAN INVESTMENT IN THE ASIA PACIFIC’S CRITICAL MINERALS The Asia Pacific is home to some of the world’s largest producers and exporters of critical. [...] Between 2003 and 2021, Canadian firms invested C$3.7B in the critical minerals sector in the Philippines and C$2.6B in the critical minerals sector in Australia, accounting for 47% and 33% of Canada’s total critical mineral investment, respectively. [...] Top 10 Canadian Investors in the Asia Pacific’s Critical Minerals Sector The top 10 Canadian mining companies investing in the Asia Pacific’s critical minerals sector accounted for 82% of total Canadian critical mineral investment in the region from 2003 to 2021. [...] We found that the majority of Asia Pacific investment in Canada’s critical minerals sector occurred in 2021, while Canadian investors were more active in the Asia Pacific’s critical minerals sector in the mid-2000s, with 2007 marking a record level of FDI from Canada to the Asia Pacific in critical minerals.
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