Inside the Montreal Mafia: The Confessions of Andrew Scoppa
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Inside the Montreal Mafia: The Confessions of Andrew Scoppa

7 June 2022



A groundbreaking, exclusive inside look at the North American Mafia and the Rizzuto family For the first time in Canadian history, a high-ranking Mafioso agreed to break the code of omertà by talking to journalists. From October 2014 to October 2019, Félix Séguin and Eric Thibault held multiple secret meetings with Andrew Scoppa, getting an exclusive inside look at the inner workings of the North American Mafia. This book is the culmination of their perilous investigation. It sheds light on the life — and death — of one of the most influential organized crime figures in recent years. At exactly 2 p.m., there was a knock at the door. It was him: the source every journalist dreamed of having. The short man was armed and placed his gun on the table I’d moved between the bed and a chair. “Are you impressed?” he asked with a broad grin. “Yes. Very much.” Before me was Andrew Scoppa: close confidant of the late godfather Vito Rizzuto, international heroin trafficker and cold-blooded killer.

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