cover image: INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - South Korea introduces measures to nurture next Parasite, Squid


INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - South Korea introduces measures to nurture next Parasite, Squid

17 Jan 2023

A recent string of massive domestic and international investments into South Korea’s cultural content MCST also expects that the new investments will industry are helping to boost the global influence of support regional development. [...] MCST is particularly encouraged by investment of C$1.3 billion (1.2 trillion won) in South the huge success of Reborn Rich, which was financially Korea’s entertainment giant Kakao Entertainment supported by MCST and became one of the most by two foreign sovereign wealth funds, Saudi Arabia’s watched South Korean dramas of 2022. [...] Raising cultural understanding While the world’s interest in South Korean media content has grown, there have been a series of South Korean works criticized of late for their disparaging, distorted, and “discriminatory” descriptions of other cultures and races. [...] survey report on the working environment in the According to the preview of the 2021 Cultural media content industry, the average weekly working Content Industry Survey released by MCST on hours of film or drama production staff came out January 4, 2023, exports in the cultural content at around 47 hours, and on average, workers in the industry exceeded US$12.4 billion in 2021. [...] MCST has a target example, South Korean songs, dramas, and beauty for 10 million inbound tourists and related travel products have been smuggled into North Korean revenue of US$16 billion in 2023, with the ultimate black markets and could now be one of the biggest goal of reaching 30 million tourists and US$30 billion threats to the Kim Jong Un regime, with the in travel revenue by 2027.
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