cover image: INSIGHT: SOUTHEAST ASIA - Philippines begins drastic ‘cleansing’ of corrupt cops


INSIGHT: SOUTHEAST ASIA - Philippines begins drastic ‘cleansing’ of corrupt cops

11 Jan 2023

also argued that the policy will help restore public On January 4, the Philippines’ interior secretary, trust in the anti-drug campaign and the police itself. [...] Police who don’t submit their Critics and human rights group are skeptical of the resignations would be considered “questionable.” government’s shortcut method of “cleansing” the Abalos Jr.’s directive was recommended by the PNP PNP and criticized the move for giving an easy exit to chief, who resigned the day after the announcement rogue cops, rather than investigating them and filing and urged h. [...] said that cleansing the police was The GSP+ incentive is conditional upon the his government’s way of approaching the war on beneficiary country upholding its human rights drugs differently, implying that he is following on the standards. [...] Parliament urged the European Commission, the Cleansing the PNP is just one of several moves by executive body of the EU, to immediately initiate Abalos Jr. [...] Within the PNP, some were apprehensive the requirements of the new legislation, which and resistant to the call, while most obliged and prioritizes having a plan of action on human rights, considered it good for the organization.
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