A progress report on anti-racism policy across Canada
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A progress report on anti-racism policy across Canada

11 January 2023


Use of any questions contained in the survey, or any of the intellectual property developed to support administration of the survey, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of People for Education. [...] In 2019, the Government of Canada launched a 3-year plan for long-term action towards increasing equitable access to and participation in the economic, cultural, social, and political spheres.1 At the jurisdictional level, Ontario was the first province to pass an anti-racism act in 2017, and most recently in 2022, British Columbia and Nova Scotia passed landmark legislation on anti-racism policie. [...] Recent non-legislative steps include the creation of Ontario’s Anti-Racism Strategic Plan, Nova Scotia’s Office of Equity and Anti-Racism Initiatives, Alberta’s Anti-Racism Action Plan, the Ministerial Committee on Anti-Racism in Newfoundland and Labrador, and the appointment of a commissioner on systemic racism in New Brunswick.14 However, as these initiatives are not legislated, their ability to. [...] The Minister responsible for the Office of Equity and Anti-Racism Initiatives will be required to submit an annual progress report on these activities.19 Table 1: Overview of legislation on anti-racism in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Ontario British Columbia Nova Scotia Ontario Name of legislation Anti-Racism Data Act Dismantling Racism and Anti-Racism Act Hate Act Year announced 2022 2022 2. [...] Table 3: Overview of school board equity and anti-racism activities in Ontario Number of school boards Types of school board activities used to advance equity and anti-racism participating in this work as of summer 2022 Student census • A recurring, voluntary, and confidential student survey that collects identity-based data to identify and address systemic barriers 67% • Example topics: student’s.



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