COMPLIANCE DETERMINATION Suicide Aggregate – Recommendation 3 1.0
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COMPLIANCE DETERMINATION Suicide Aggregate – Recommendation 3 1.0

11 January 2023


Compliance Determination Alternate Solution 1.0 The recommendation was not acted upon but a complete and well- reasoned explanation for the lack of implementation of the recommendation has been provided, and a different action has been proposed which meets the intent of the recommendation. [...] 2022 • This year’s response references the 2021 submission, where the Government of Manitoba reviewed the reasons that different disciplines and areas of work should have different training in the area of trauma to be specific to the needs of that workforce. [...] The attachment provided with the response to Angel’s Story Recommendation 1 is referenced, where recent examples of trauma-informed training, as well as training on the impact of colonization have been provided across the departments of Families, Justice, and Education and Early Childhood Learning. [...] In order to meet the intent of this recommendation, information is needed to demonstrate how The Road to Mental Readiness training operates from a child’s rights perspective and how the training specifically focuses on developing knowledge about adverse childhood experiences for employees and in the youth served. [...] o Manitoba Families converted the Trauma and Resilience and Working with Refugees training to a virtual platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic and anticipates being able to train a greater number of staff in the coming months.

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