YELLOWHEAD BRIEF #126 | JANUARY 24, 2023 - Canada 2030: Drone Colony? - by Azeezah Kanji
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YELLOWHEAD BRIEF #126 | JANUARY 24, 2023 - Canada 2030: Drone Colony? - by Azeezah Kanji

24 January 2023


When the sky brightens and becomes blue, the drones Settler Arctic Sovereignty) return and so does the fear.” – testimony of 13-year-old Zubair Drone launched from a base in Inuvik, to monitor and ensure Rehman to US Congress in 2013, about the American drone military rescue assistance for an environmentalist ship convoy strike that killed his grandmother Momina Bibi in Pakistan as it crosses the. [...] So far, we know that the drones Perversely, the ecocide unleashed by colonial will be equipped to carry at least two “precision-guided” extractivism on water and land is now cited missiles each and cost up to $5 billion in total; that the to justify drone colonization of the skies. [...] military claimed that Al (translation: Targeted Killing in Afghanistan) Manthari and the others in the vehicle were ‘terrorists’ Drone “spots a group of three Fighting Aged Males (FAMs) from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, but independent standing near a long wall close to the road that the [occupation inquiries said otherwise […] While the U. [...] authorize the use of force […] The [operator] launches a GBU49 [missile].” And then, there are all the mass drone killings of women and young children – misidentified as “fighting aged This hypothetical killing casually described in a males,” through drone cameras the US military boasts can government procurement document – in which the victims “spot a terrorist from 20,000 feet.” Of course, the “. [...] How backwards, how barbaric! of the colour-line or the border-line to “pirates,” “illegals,” People know in their brains that this is how the world once was, and “terrorists” in life, and to anonymized statistics and but it’s difficult to believe – a ghostly memory of death buzzing mutilated body parts – a shattered face, a dismembered left in the sky.

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