BC Gender Equality Report Card 2021/2022 Economic Security Executive C
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BC Gender Equality Report Card 2021/2022 Economic Security Executive C

24 January 2023


Barriers to economic security and access to healthcare Healthcare took on heightened significance due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. [...] Discrimination in Healthcare To produce the Report Card, we worked with C- Mental Health Care communities and advocates across BC to identify issues and to “grade” the BC government in 13 key areas related to economic security and D- Care for People Who Use Substances access to healthcare. [...] Economic Security D Housing and Homelessness This Report Card grades BC’s actions and Despite some important housing investments inactions on economic security by focusing on six and actions, BC failed to act in proportion to the key issues: access to fair work, financial supports, urgency and magnitude of the province’s multiple housing and homelessness, child care, public housing crises. [...] Continued 7 investments are needed to meet long-term child Healthcare care targets, to fairly compensate child care professionals, and to achieve inclusive access to We grade BC’s actions and inactions on healthcare culturally safe programs that meet the diverse in seven areas: accessibility of healthcare; racism needs of all children and families in BC. [...] The intersectional and BC has not taken action to ensure that gendered aspects of the drug crisis, including the meaningful, sustainable, and accessible wholistic experiences of Indigenous women and people health and wellness services are available to marginalized based on gender, have not been Indigenous people across BC.

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