INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - Cameos by Kim Jong Un’s daughter stir succession
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INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - Cameos by Kim Jong Un’s daughter stir succession

28 February 2023


Of particular note was her The prominence of North Korean leader Kim Jong appearance alongside her parents at a February 8 Un’s daughter, Kim Ju-ae, in recent state media and military parade in Pyongyang, which showcased the public appearances is fuelling speculation about her largest number of upgraded nuclear-capable missiles potential to be the country’s next leader. [...] Kim Ju-ae’s public appearances at a her father, Kim Jong Un, at a nuclear missile soccer game on February 17 to celebrate the birthday site, which was designed to launch missiles that of Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, and at the inauguration could strike anywhere in the U. [...] Some experts assert that Kim Ju-ae’s appearances The North’s record-setting number of missile launches are preparatory measures for a fourth-generation and the sudden appearance of Kim’s daughter in 2022 hereditary succession to solidify regime unity may have helped prompt South Korean President surrounding Kim and the Mount Paektu bloodline, Yoon Suk-yeol to broach, in January 2023, the idea of w. [...] According to the results of Young-se, expressed cautiously that it might be a poll of 1,000 South Korean adults published by the difficult for a female heir to lead the regime as North Chey Institute for Advanced Studies on January 30, Korea is a very male-oriented and patriarchal society. [...] counterstrategies as the country aims to protect Kim Given Kim Ju-ae’s recent rise to prominence, it is and show the world that it will keep the family in plausible — more so than in past regimes — that, one power.

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