CIGI Papers No. 272 — March 2023 - Building Trust in AI
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CIGI Papers No. 272 — March 2023 - Building Trust in AI

6 March 2023


A landscape As of August 2022, 61 countries and the European analysis essentially surveys the collective group Union reported to the OECD on their AI initiatives of actions and actors: it identifies the key players (for a total of 62).7 Although the members of the (countries and the OECD) and classifies them OECD are generally high- and high-middle-income by type of activity. [...] It is researchers and industry in specific fields.28 designed to “highlight the opportunities that AI offers to Poland’s economy.” The policy also lays Table 2 delineates the number and diversity of down the framework and basic principles for initiatives reported on the OECD. [...] Accenture upon the conclusions of the parallel evaluation mapped the key objectives that CIFAR set out of the Innovation Fund Denmark and the to achieve and conducted a quantitative and review of the universities’ technology transfer qualitative analysis. [...] The document assessed the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) describes initiative’s compliance with general requirements the rationale and status of the GDPR and of the DNA Plan and its estimated financial and acknowledges its limitations. [...] 63 The only information about the creation of the report was the digital 60 The reports include the Czech Republic’s Digital Czech Republic (Dzurilla signatures on page 7 of the experts that conducted the evaluation.

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