cover image: CHAPTER B – COMMUNITIES Strong communities are:



CHAPTER B – COMMUNITIES Strong communities are:

19 Dec 2022

The quality of daily life is influenced by the quality of our built, natural, social and cultural environments and supported by the strength of the economy and the creativity of citizens. [...] In this regard, the City encourages the use of innovative and creative urban design techniques; e) the contribution of the proposed development to achieving the planned urban structure as described in Section E.2.0 – Urban Structure; f) existing and planned water, wastewater and stormwater capacity; g) the incorporation and utilization of green infrastructure and sustainable design elements in the. [...] (OPA 142) Deleted by OPA 142 The construction of new buildings and the retrofitting of the existing building stock shall be encouraged to utilize locally sourced materials and to incorporate water conservation and energy efficiency techniques, the expansion of district energy generation, and renewable energy systems, through the policies of the Plan and other strategies. [...] j) Incorporate the conservation practices and principles of the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and the Eight Guiding Principles In The Conservation Of Built Heritage Properties, prepared by the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. [...] Where a significant built heritage resource is to be unavoidably lost or demolished, the City shall ensure the proponent undertakes one or more of the following mitigation measures, in addition to a thorough inventory and documentation of the features that will be lost: a) preserving and displaying of fragments of the former buildings’ features and landscaping; b) marking the traces of for.



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