Information on mpox


Information on mpox

3 Mar 2023

You can spread the Monkeypox virus from the first day of symptoms until the scabs have fallen off on their own and the skin is healed. [...] What to do if you feel ill or at risk for mpox Call a health care provider immediately if: you develop symptoms of mpox you have had contact with a known or suspect mpox case Updated Jan 5, 2023 Information on mpox Managing mpox: Recommendations for Cases and Contacts of cases The illness is often mild with symptoms usually resolving within a few weeks. [...] If you are considered a high-risk contact of a case, a public health official will connect with you to discuss disease preventable options with you, including possible vaccination. [...] If you are identified as a contact of a case, certain behaviors could place individuals at increased risk of exposure to the mpox virus. [...] These include close contact with a case, sexual contact with a case, and behaviors that could cause contact with a case’s bodily fluids, lesions, or contaminated items.


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