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31 March 2023


On December 23, 2022, the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) wrote to the Board of Directors and President re-affirming their role as a Corporate Member of the CCA, their strong commitment to the success of the CCA, participation on the Scientific Advisory Committee, and support for the recent submission to the Strategic Science Fund for its expanded program of assessments and commitment to kno. [...] Governance Structure and Practices The CCA Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion at the August 4, 2021, meeting: "That the CCA Board of Directors directs the Nominating and Governance Committee to develop a plan to undertake a full review of the governance structure of CCA, including but not limited to the handling of minutes, opportunities for in-camera sessions at committee and board. [...] ACHIEVED Undertake a governance review, the Comprehensive External Review of Corporate IN PART results of which will be used to enhance Governance Structure completed, and results the quality and contributions of Board and reported to the Board and Corporate Members, its committee to support the mission of Summer 2022. [...] The notification by RSC and CAHS of their intention to leave CCA as Corporate Members may the risk associated lead to suboptimal governance in the short term, and to reputational risk to CCA in the long- with changes in the term impairing CCA's ability to meet the needs of the government. [...] The value of the CCA's assessments to the government and to the Canadian public is derived from the unique combination of independence, authority, credibility, and efficiency that is inherent in the CCA's methodology.

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