Local Policies to Reduce Homelessness - 9 April 2023 City Hall Insights


Local Policies to Reduce Homelessness - 9 April 2023 City Hall Insights

10 Apr 2023

Local Policies for Affordability and Opportunity (www.vtpi.org/LP1.pdf) Local Policies to Reduce Homelessness (www.vtpi.org/LP2.pdf) Local Policies for Efficient Transportation (www.vtpi.org/LP3.pdf) Local Policies to Preserve Openspace and Trees (www.vtpi.org/LP4.pdf) Local Policies to Support Local Economic Development (www.vtpi.org/LP5.pdf) City Hall Optimal Municipal Parking Pricing (www.vtpi.. [...] Social housing plays an important role in reducing homelessness, but increasing the supply of moderate-priced market housing is even more critical to addressing the root of this problem. [...] At current production rates it will take eight to fifteen years to add 1,500 social housing units, and much of that housing is intended to serve other groups such as low-income families with children, people with disabilities, and low-income seniors. [...] The Flow from Homelessness to Stable Housing Homeless Transition Housing Supportive Housing Affordable Apartments Increasing the supply of affordable apartments frees up units in supportive and transition housing, providing spaces for people currently experiencing homelessness. [...] Local Housing Solutions ( ); is a one-stop housing policy platform with actionable tools and step-by-step guidance to help cities develop, implement, and monitor local housing strategies.


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